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This axis will show TimeSpan values on the axis.


If you are adding DataPoint`s to a series, the `TimeSpan values should be converted to numeric values by the TimeSpanAxis.ToDouble method.

mySeries.Points.Add(new DataPoint(TimeSpanAxis.ToDouble(myTimeSpan), myValue))

If you are using DataFieldX or DataFieldY to bind to a TimeSpan, OxyPlot will handle the conversion.

The formatting of the axis labels can be controlled by the StringFormat property.


var model = new PlotModel { Title = "TimeSpanAxis" };
model.Axes.Add(new LinearAxis { Position = AxisPosition.Bottom, Minimum = -20, Maximum = 80});
model.Axes.Add(new LinearAxis { Position = AxisPosition.Left, Minimum = -10, Maximum = 10});